Welcome to Ari Diamonds!  We’re a family owned and operated custom jewelry shop that has been servicing the Portland area for the past 25 years. We specialize in custom wedding jewelry, repairs, appraisals and we also buy and sell gold and gemstones.

Step One: The first step of custom made jewelry is always the sketch phase. We take either your own sketches or pictures of jewelry you like, find out what types of stones and any other design elements you might like and make up to several sketches to get a rough idea of your design.

Step Two: The second step is the CAD or computer aided design phase. We communicate with you while we design your jewelry from the ground up, ensuring every aspect is perfect. It may take many versions before we can find something that works for you both aesthetically and practically, but there’s no limit when it comes to your satisfaction!

Step Three: We 3D print or mill your design into wax, which we then make a mold of. With the mold made we cast your piece into whatever metal you’ve chosen, then begins the cleaning, engraving and stone setting process. When we’re satisfied your piece looks as beautiful as possible, it’s all yours to enjoy!


Ari Diamonds
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